Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pancake Race and Ash Wednesday

This Past Tuesday, Mrs. Boss’ class reenacted the Liberal/Olney pancake race. The children learned about and then got to participate in their own race. Students had a great deal of fun! “A Shrove Tuesday competition began February 20, 1950, between people in Liberal, Kansas, and Olney, Buckinghamshire, England, creating International Pancake Day. Each year the communities hold a 415-yard race to determine the fastest runner who can also flip a pancake.  The Olney tradition dates to around 1445. Legend holds that a woman in Olney was making pancakes when the church bells began ringing to announce the service. Carrying her frying pan and wearing an apron, she raced to arrive at church on time. In subsequent years, others in the community joined in the race. The prize was the “Kiss of Peace” from the verger, or bell ringer.  The Liberal/Olney competition began when members of the Liberal Junior Chamber of Commerce learned about the Olney race and proposed a friendly competition with the English community. The contest, which continues today, requires that runners wear a traditional apron and scarf and carry a frying pan in which they toss a pancake at the beginning and ending of the race. The event concludes with presentation of awards and a church service.”


On Wednesday, Pastor Myers came down to the preschool and explained what Ash Wednesday is to the children.  When God created the first man, He made Adam from the dust and breathed life into him. When we die, we return to the ground. In Christ we have the hope of heaven and perfect life with Him there. When a pastor puts ashes on our forehead, he says, “Dust we are and to dust we return.” He marks the ashes in a cross, our symbol of hope. Children were welcome to come up and get a cross on their forehead if they wanted to.


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